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Proven Experience. Focused on Our Priorities.


"As your State Representative, I'm focusing on our priorities:
creating jobs, protecting taxpayers, making schools stronger and safer, and fighting
the drug epidemic harming our families."


Bringing Fiscal Discipline to State Government 

Jeff knows families can’t afford higher taxes.  That’s why he stopped massive income and sales tax increases on our families and seniors. Instead of higher taxes, Jeff succeeded in controlling state spending while still investing in our priorities. In fact, this year's bipartisan budget included record funding for education, $60 million for new school safety grants, and investments in job creation and public safety. 


Economic Security for Families through Job Creation and Economic Growth 

Jeff is a successful small businessman who grew a small retail and manufacturing business started by his family in 1967.  He knows how to help create the kind of good-paying jobs that provide economic security for our families because he has actually done it.  In Harrisburg, Jeff is using that experience to support policies that are growing our state and local economy as well as reducing unemployment as new jobs are created. 

Combating the Opioid Epidemic

Jeff understands the massive toll that drugs and violence is taking on our community and its people. Drug violence leaves behind broken families, broken dreams and broken neighborhoods.  As our Representative, he has invested millions in fighting the epidemic, supported a comprehensive, bipartisan legislative package to combat the opioid epidemic by focusing on prevention, treatment and law enforcement. 




Protecting Taxpayers - Not the Politicians 

As Representative, Jeff is rejecting the partisan political games that have infected government and caused gridlock.  He's fought for more open and transparent government to rebuild the public’s trust - and he’ll never vote himself a pay raise.  Jeff is working on initiatives that return power back to local governments and local citizens because he knows they do a better job of spending our money and protecting our values than Washington or Harrisburg ever will.


Ensuring a Quality Education for Our Kids

As a father and elected official, Jeff knows we all want schools that deliver a quality education to our children to prepare them for the future - and help them get good jobs.  But as a taxpayer and businessman, he also knows we have to fund our schools without breaking the backs of local taxpayers.  That’s why, as our State Representative, he's supported record education funding for local schools, real pension reform that will save property taxpayers billions of dollars, and is working for mandate relief that reduces costs without sacrificing educational outcomes. 


Fighting for our Values 

Jeff knows the Washington and Harrisburg politicians too often threaten our community values with their overreach and bureaucratic programs.  In Harrisburg, he's working to ensure we are provided the top quality constituent services we need while hosting regular meetings and events to listen to our concerns.  Jeff is also carrying our pro-life, pro-Second Amendment values to Harrisburg.

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